Four Seasons Seychelles
Photography and video production for
International Luxury Hospitality Chain of hotels
February 2020 - Edits
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I decided to make beach clean, so there are no any distractions like seaweed, footprints, dirt, etc.
Beautifull Villas
Four Seasons provides beautifull villas outfitted with open-air lounges, private pools and lush tropical gardens to while away the day in.
Unfortunately, I cannot use this image because of the legs in the picture. Sadly for us this will not work with the brand guidelines even though I like the image. Is there a replacement by any chance?
I am sorry, but unfortunately I didn't make any other photos from this scene. It was very spontaneous shot.
Around The Island
Four Seasons Desroches provides a chance to experience something new – whether snorkelling along the shore, exploring the forest-lined cycle tracks, or having a lunch with a ocean view.
Picture 7 and 8: These are too focused on your beautiful wife I am afraid and again, does not sit with brand guidelines as we need the focus to be the product with slight human presence or none at all.
It's a pity, I didn't know your guidelines in advance. I checked your Instagram account and made some references from there. (see the gallery)

Eventually, my assumption was wrong.
Picture 9: This doesn't show the logo which is the most important thing. Do you by any chance have an image like this with the logo or another image to replace it with?
Sorry, I don't have a photo with a logo for that pic. Is it possible that there was no logo on the towels at the beach point? It's very strange that I didn't make a photo of logo if it was there...

But I changed the position of the logo on the previous photo. So maybe now you can use it. (Scroll the gallery)
Picture 13: This picture is not show casing enough or a story. Is there a replacement for this?
Actually I suppose to post these 2 photos in the same post using Instagram carousel. I think these 2 photos tell the story of a woman sitting in the restaurant and served with love by the kind staff.

What do you think?