Instagram Design
Instagram rules the world today. To succeed in business you need a propper Instagram desing. The best way to tell your story is using Highlights.
Learn how below.
Instagram Stories Highlights Design
Instagram Stories Highlights are an incredible tool to showcase and promote the brand.
Your highlights live front and center on your Instagram profile, so they're perfect for helping new visitors
discover what your product is all about.
This design I have made for Mauritian Hotel - Attitude Coin De Mire

First Screen.

We open the story highlight and see awesome vibrant photo of the hotel. The main idea is to make people put themselves on that photo and imagine how it feels there in exact moment.
Second Screen.

Room Interior .

Here we can show different style of rooms in each hotel. From the luxury ones to affordable low budget.

Third Screen.
Bathroom .

After first screen of the room we can add some details and close up shots. These shots help to immerse the viewer to the right ambient and waken his emotions. At the end – emotions is the strongest trigger for making the purchase.

Fourth Screen.


In this story we can introduce the restaurant of the hotel.

Fifth Screen.
The Shaker Bar .

Here can be the story about bar including the beautiful attributes like swing.
Sixth Screen.
The end

We end up with some vibrant and tropical photos. This will be the final bullet for the viewer for his decision making process.

This was only 1 content part out of 3 for the Hotel
I have also made phography and videos. Check full case below.